INSIGHT Mixer System™

You know it as FLEX Controls, but the page has turned and we’re moving forward with a new name. Now called INSIGHT Mixer System™, our same team of in-house developers, is constantly evolving this award-winning technology to be fully customizable to your fleet, your drivers, and your needs.

INSIGHT Mixer System™ is the only factory-direct software system for mixers on the market. From Auto Load at the plant to System Washout after the delivery, INSIGHT Mixer System™ gives you the tools you need to make it easy to get the job of loading, mixing, hauling, and delivering done right. Plus, easy diagnostics and troubleshooting and features like Buildup Detection. Simply put, we’ll handle the concrete, you handle the road.


We are truly honored that the industry continues to recognize the technology and team behind our INSIGHT Mixer System™.

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